Transparent Fees.

These are rare to get upfront with a staffing agency. We like to be transparent. Think of us as the “CarMax for staffing”. Black and white. No hidden fees. We want to form a longterm partnership with you, not a one time deal. We’re in the people-business, so we like to think of ourselves as decent humans ourselves.

Flexible Financing.

We’re a small business too. Money is everything, especially in the beginning. Large staffing agencies nickel and dime you. We’ll penny you.

Specialized Technology & Creative Staffing Agency.

Looking for Software Engineers? Technology folks? Marketing professionals, Designers, Copywriters, and more? We’re your one-stop shop for any roles, IT and Creative.

No Retainer.

You don’t pay us until we find the right candidate for you. We don’t believe in locking our clients in a retainer model. We want to earn your trust.

No Crazy Internal KPIs.

We don’t have crazy internal company metrics to meet weekly, so that means less of treating people “as a product” and more of acting like they’re people looking for a career. Unbelievable, right? Within a lot of the larger agencies, candidates are treated as though they are “product on the shelf to sell” unfortunately. We view people as people. It’s as simple as that.

We’re Small.

We mainly work with startups and other small to mid-sized companies across the United States. We feel the same pains you do. Let’s work together.