These 3 Chicago-based Startups Brought in Over $8M in April

Companies are still receiving funding and then using those finances to scale their teams! We are living in uncertain times due to the coronavirus, but there are still companies whose target audiences are flocking to them. Take a look at the three Chicago-based technology startups below.

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Company: QuillBot
Funding Date: April 22nd, 2020
Funding Type: Seed Round
Funding Amount: $4M
Address: 401 Michigan Ave Suite 12 Chicago, IL 60601
Overview from their Crunchbase profile:

“QuillBot is an AI writing collaborator that rewrites full paragraphs and refines content. The company’s mission is to make writing painless. QuillBot is driven by sophisticated AI paraphrasing technology that uses natural language understanding (NLU) to automatically reconstruct the user’s content to improve the clarity of the intended message. More than a million people around the world use QuillBot to improve their writing and deliver a more compelling message.”

Company: Equilibria
Funding Date: April 27th, 2020
Funding Type: Seed Round
Funding Amount: $2M
Address: 213 W Institute Pl, Chicago, IL 60610
Overview from their Crunchbase profile:

Equilibria sells CBD gels, oils and creams specifically for women that are designed to help with anxiety, sleep and menstrual cramp relief.”

Funding Date: April 10th, 2020
Funding Type: Seed Round
Funding Amount: $2.5M
Address: 321 N Clark St Suite 2550, Chicago, IL 60654
Overview from their Crunchbase profile: offers an Application Delivery Network (ADN) intended to help website owners get connected with their customers easily. The company’s application delivery network uses a global network of servers to accept visitor traffic, run middleware on requests, then route them to backend applications, enabling website owners to direct their visitors to their respective sites securely and in a few clicks.”


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