Jammber: Amping Up the Music Industry with New Tech

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With music being a progressive industry, one would think it operates using effective organizational methods. It seems that is not the case, so tech startup Jammber is trying to change things up.

The company provides tools for professionals within the music world to organize their credits and shares as well as manage the studio.

Marcus Cobb, CEO, started the company in 2013 after discovering that much of the music industry was still functioning on a very dysfunctional level.

In a Nashville Business Journal article, Cobb talked about how the music industry’s old-fashioned ways of paying artists and contributors led to disorganization.

He said thousands of artists are owed compensation that can’t be delivered because of incorrect or incomplete information,

“He said thousands of artists are owed compensation that can’t be delivered because of incorrect or incomplete information,” the article said.

Their platform allows creative professionals to organize every aspect of their business.

Jammber’s Creative Suite covers many daily needs of those in the music business, including:

  • Muse: A collaborative platform where users can share lyrics, add audio layers, and store sessions in the cloud
  • Splits: Allows users to add collaborators in real time and track credits
  • nStudio: As the ultimate studio management system, nStudio, lets users track all metadata during sessions and produced songs, saving them to Bridge

All of these tools are easily accessible for new artists and top celebrities with plans ranging from $25 to quoted pricing for enterprise teams.

Ever expanding, Jammber recently secured $2.2 million in funding in July of 2019 to continue their dream of making the music business easier to manage (according to Crunchbase.com).

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