Recruitment for Startups and Technology Companies​


Software Engineering

Python & Machine Learning Engineer
Ruby on Rails & PHP Engineer
Android & iOS Engineer
C#/.NET & Java Engineer
JavaScript & React & Node Engineer

 Marketing & Design

Marketing & Community Manager
Account Executive & Customer Success
Graphic Designer  & UX/Product Designer
Art Director & Creative Director
Director & VP of Design

Technology & Operations

Data Analyst & Data Scientist
Big Data & DevOps
Networking & Security
Product Manager & Project Manager
VP & Chief Technology Officer


Search & Recruitment

At Karma Search, our mission is to bring a positive image to the world of staffing. We work mostly with startups and technology companies across the United States. We are a Technology & Creative staffing agency and specialize in Software Engineering roles.

We’re not looking to be just “another staffing agency” as we know there are already too many of those out there.
The industry is broken. Help us fix it.

Why Startups and Tech companies?

Building a team is hard work, especially when you company is just starting out. We are fluent in the startup ecosystem.

In a smaller and closer working environment, a candidate’s cultural fit becomes just as important as his or her skillset. As a boutique firm, we understand the time and detail that goes into vetting not only your next team member, but also the right longterm fit.

We get to know your company on a personal level, so we know the right person when we meet him or her. We determine the cultural values, management style, and career goals candidates are targeting.

Need More Details?

Karma Search was created to bring a positive image to staffing. There are too many staffing agencies making a bad name for the industry.

We’ve all heard the saying that: “What goes around, comes around.” That’s where we thrive as we commit to a cycle of strong partnerships, transparent discussions, and the creation of fluid teams. We simply connect the dots between companies and candidates.

We specialize in the technical vetting and placement of Software Engineers and other Technology and Creative folks. Let’s the start a conversation today that could lead to the scaling of your startup tomorrow.